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Recent Graduates


Hyung Joo Kim

Hyung Joo Kim is an Economist at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

Learn more about Hyung Joo Kim at his web site.


Mohammad Ghaderi

Mohammad Ghaderi is an Assistant Professor of Finance at The University of Kansas.

Learn more about Mohammad Ghaderi at his web site.


Ma Ming

Ma Ming is an Associate Professor at the School of Management at Beijing Institute of Technology.

Learn more about Ma Ming at his web site.


Kaitao Lin

Kaitao Lin is a Financial Economist at the World Federation of Exchanges (UK).

Learn more about Kaitao Lin at the WFE web site.


Dimuthu Ratnadiwakara

Dimuthu Ratnadiwakara is an Assistant Professor of Finance at LSU.

Learn more about Dimuthu Ratnadiwakara at his web site.


Sandrine Docgne

Sandrine Docgne is an Assistant Professor of Finance at Florida International University.

Learn more about Sandrine Docgne at her web site.


David Buchuk

David Buchuk is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Finance at Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile.

Learn more about David Buchuk at his web site.


Sangwon Lee

Sangwon Lee works at Cornerstone Research.


Buvaneshwaran (Eshwar) Venugopal

Buvaneshwaran (Eshwar) Venugopal is an Assistant Professor of Finance at University of Central Florida.

Learn more about Buvaneshwaran (Eshwar) Venugopal at his web site.


Guanglian Hu

Guanglian Hu is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Finance at ITAM (Instituto Technologico Autonomo de Mexico).

Learn more about Guanglian Hu at his web site.


Rui Liu

Rui Liu is an Assistant Professor of Finance at Duquesne University.

Learn more about Rui Liu at Duquesne University's web site.


Anandi Banerjee

Anandi Banerjee is an Assistant Professor of Finance at Queens University of Charlotte.

Learn more about Anandi Banerjee at Queens University of Charlotte's web site.


Shunlin Liang

Shunlin Liang works at Bank of America.


Virgilio Zurita

Virgilio Zurita is an Assistant Professor of Finance at Baylor University.

Learn more about Virgilio Zurita at his web site.


Che-Kuan Chen

Che-Kuan Chen works at Invesco.


Xin Gao

Xin "Shane" Gao is an Assistant Professor of Finance at Jack Welch College of Business at Sacred Heart University.

Learn more about Xin Gao at Sacred Heart University's web site.


Eunju Lee

Eunju Lee

The Bauer Ph.D. program was a great opportunity for me to achieve my academic goals. It was structured in a way that students were able to learn various areas of their field of study throughout coursework and focus on their research areas by working on research projects. It was also a great experience working with Bauer faculty during my Ph.D. studies. They were very research active and tried to help students develop skills for research and teaching. I remember whenever I became frustrated with the lack of research progress or uncertainty about my future career, they encouraged me to overcome such difficulties and keep moving forward. These memories will always remain in my mind, and I am trying to do my best to give my students the same precious memories I have had from Bauer.

Learn more about Eunju Lee at University of Massachusetts Lowell's web site.

Eunju Lee
Assistant Professor
University of Massachusetts Lowell


Bingxin Li

Bingxin Li

I joined the PhD program of Finance Department at Bauer College of Business in 2007. With a physics background, I am especially grateful the Finance Department offers systematic PhD courses that helped me to form my knowledge foundation and gradually build up my intuition for future research. I also benefit a lot from the weekly seminar and colloquium, which share research progresses and encourage discussion. The faculty at Finance department are strong both in their research abilities and advising students. They are productive, insightful, and always willing to help. I greatly appreciate that they set high standards for PhD students. While I struggled and eventually solved the problem, I learned and was inspired to approach excellence. During my PhD study, I gained not only valuable knowledge and skills, but also passion and confidence in research.

Learn more about Bingxin Li at West Virginia University's web site.

Bingxin Li
Assistant Professor
West Virginia University