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Undergraduate Business Programs 713-743-4900 [email protected]
Bauer Honors 713-743-8060 [email protected]
Scholarships 713-743-4812 [email protected]
Bauer Excellence Scholars 713-743-4941 [email protected]
Emerging Leaders Academic Success Program (ELASP) 713-743-4913 [email protected]
Ted Bauer Leadership Certificate Program 832-842-4159 [email protected]
Student Organizations 713-743-4941 [email protected]
Rockwell Career Center 832-842-6120 [email protected]


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Certificate in Accountancy Program (CAP) 713-743-4696 [email protected]


Website Phone Email
Executive MBA 713-743-0700 [email protected]
Full-Time & Professional MBA 713-743-0700 [email protected]
Graduate Certificate Programs 713-743-0700 [email protected]
MS Accountancy 713-743-4696 [email protected]
MS Business Analytics 713-743-0700 [email protected]
MS Finance 713-743-4755 [email protected]
MS Global Energy Leadership 713-743-0700 [email protected]
MS Management Information Systems 713-743-4747 [email protected]
MS Marketing 713-743-4555 [email protected]
MS Supply Chain Management 713-743-4747 [email protected]
Online MS Management & Leadership 713-743-0700 [email protected]
Rockwell Career Center 832-842-6120 [email protected]


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Doctoral [email protected]
Accounting [email protected]
Finance [email protected]
Management [email protected]
MIS [email protected]
Marketing [email protected]
Supply Chain Management [email protected]


Website Phone Email
Alumni Relations 832-842-6122 [email protected]
Office of Development & Fundraising 713-743-4626 [email protected]
Rockwell Career Center 832-842-6120 [email protected]
Corporate Partners & Resources 713-743-4600 [email protected]


Website Phone Email
Accountancy & Taxation 713-743-4696 [email protected]
Decision & Information Sciences 713-743-4747 [email protected]
Finance 713-743-4755 [email protected]
Management & Leadership 713-743-4660 [email protected]
Marketing & Entrepreneurship 713-743-4555 [email protected]


Website Phone Email
AIM Center for Investment Management 713-743-4778 [email protected]
Cyvia & Melvyn Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship 713-743-4752 [email protected]
Decision Sciences Institute 713-743-4815 [email protected]
Gutierrez Energy Management Institute 713-743-4885 [email protected]
Institute for Diversity & Cross Cultural Management 713-743-4824 [email protected]
Institute for Health Care Marketing 713-743-4576 [email protected]
Institute for Regional Forecasting 713-743-3869 [email protected]
Stanford Alexander Center for Excellence in Real Estate 713-743-2522 [email protected]
Stephen Stagner Sales Excellence Institute 713-743-4746 [email protected]
UH Small Business Development Center 713-752-8444 [email protected]


Website Phone Email
Rockwell Career Center 832-842-6120 [email protected]
Dean's Office 713-743-4600 [email protected]
Division of Technology 713-743-4871 [email protected]
Office of Communications 713-743-4348 [email protected]
Bauer College Board 713-743-4604 [email protected]
Office of Development & Fundraising 713-743-4626 [email protected]